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I was born in Italy but, during the course of my life, I was moved to Russia, where I studied and worked for a few years in Foreign Sales and Marketing.

After graduating in languages, I attended SuperStudio13 in  Milan. This is photo shoot set of excellence used by the greatest fashion photographers. In this very special place,

I attended a course for editors and fashion stylists.

As a fashion editor I have collaborated with several magazines - Italian and foreign - and with foreign TV, during the Fashion Week. The experience of simultaneous in interpreting different languages allowed me to work with buyers of various nationalities.

 I love meeting different people, the knowledge of languages ​​(Italian, Russian, French, English) has helped me.


From increasingly frequent walks between Milan and the Canton Ticino, with the Russian friends, an idea was born to dedicate myself, initially, to becoming a Personal Shopper, an activity that brings together several of my passions: fashion, foreign languages, organization of small events (as I call the visits to Italy of my foreign clients) Making sure they come home happy is a challenge that I set myself every time.

But the real discovery was the Image Consultancy in all its facets, from the analysis of the colors that enhance each person to the Bridal Styling, which helps brides, their friends and relatives to face this special day with greater serenity,personal_shoppe
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